Rules & Regulations

We follow strict rules of discipline!

Irregular attendance, habitual inattention to school work, obscenity in work or act, in-subordination to school authorities, transgressions of the rules given in this diary, cheating or any other misconduct, even outside the school precincts, any behavior considered by the Principal not suitable to the good tone and general good of the school are sufficient reasons for punishment, fine or even dismissal.

Damage done by the student to school property will have to be made good by him/her. Classrooms should be kept tidy and attractive. Scribbling on furniture or on walls is strictly forbidden.

The class monitors and prefects should ensure that lights and fans are switched off when it is not necessary or leaving the classrooms. Bins must be used appropriately for waste paper etc.

The transition between teacher leaving the class and the other arriving is not the time for idle talk or creating disturbance. Await the teacher’s arrival in silence and stand up and wish when he/ she enters the classroom.

Students should procure their books with in a week of the declaration of results. All students should have a copy of the school diary making therein proper entries and bringing it to school everyday.

Students should be clean and tidy in their person and dress, take pride in their personal appearance, maintain proper body cleanliness respectful and obliging to their elders and companions. In the classrooms, besides paying attention to cleanliness and personal bearing, they should create and maintain an atmosphere conducive to serious study.

During class time, no student may leave the school premises without the Principal’s permission. Students may leave the classroom only with the teacher’s permission and with the permission pass.

Students are not allowed to bring cell phones, cameras, i-pods, music system, video games, cds etc. to school.17

Parents are not permitted to meet the teachers except on Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) days.

Celebration of birthdays and parties in school is not permitted.

All correspondence should be addressed to the Principal. When writing, quote the student’s full name, class and section.

When the Principal or a teacher enters a classroom, the students, should stand up respectfully, greet him/her and remain standing till they are directed to sit. They shall do the same when the Principal or the teacher leaves the classroom.

When the attendance roll is taken, each student should rise and answer respectfully, and also when an elder addresses him/her.

Books other than school books, periodicals, newspapers, or any other things not approved by the Principal, should not be brought to the school.

All collection of money or things for any purpose whatsoever is to be done should be with prior permission from the Principal. Presenting of gifts to any member of the staff for any occasion, by any student or parent is forbidden.

During the absence of the teacher, the class monitors and prefects will be responsible for maintaining discipline in the class.

No student should be seen anywhere except in their place of work and play.

All students should come to school on time, as specified by the principal from time to time. Habitual late coming may lead to asking the student to go back home without attending school. Punctualty and discipline should be the watchwords of every student. Report on time and be brisk in your walk.

At the end of each period, a bell is rung at which the student should either stand silently waiting for their next teacher or move quietly to the next classroom. At the end of the second session, at the sound of the bell, a prayer is to be devoutly recited by all.